Thompson Gallery

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Landscape Section

ABOUT THE LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS – The artist works in acrylics of intense color to produce southwestern landscapes, coyotes and – on commission – personal portraits.   The colors are very vibrant and give off an energy which draws the viewer into the work.

WILLIAM THOMPSON’S LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS express the artist’s appreciation of the high desert of New Mexico as natural settings for the Jungian idea of the hero’s journey – going into a new territory, even the underworld of shamans and spirits that teach and transform the traveler. In both the deep canyons and high mountains the traveler and viewer experience altered states of consciousness as they allow the road to lead them. At the same time there is a brightness and an order to the paintings which are positive and also bring a sense of peace, which the artist regards as a means of potential healing for the viewer.

Coyote Section

ABOUT THE COYOTE PAINTINGS – The paintings below are of coyotes or other animals who are totems or spirit guides. The artist will paint your spirit guide upon request.

THE COYOTE PAINTINGS express the “trickster” figure in Native American cultures.   This animal is understood as the bringer of a transformation of consciousness to humans. Through the use of literal “tricks” and stories, humor and performance, the coyote reminds people of their imperfections, that they are not the gods in control of everything, and thereby leads them to relax, to be humble and thus changes their perceptions of reality. The artist sees himself as “the trickster” who helps us see the beauty of life and calls us to take risks to be creative.

Portrait Section

ABOUT THE PORTRAIT PAINTINGS – Below are a collection of paintings of landscapes, portraits (which the artist will paint on commission if you are interested) and flowers

THE PERSONAL PORTRAITS are also done in vivid colors and lines because “I see all these colors in people’s faces” says the artist. The portraits become a way of perceiving the ever-moving, pulsating energy that is each being. Again says the artist, “my portraits help the viewer see that no one is just solid mass, but rather a newly creative creature – always in process – always becoming new in each new moment of their life”. Artist can be commission to do portrait