I’ve known Bill Thompson’s work for 25 years and everyday I see his work in various places in my house. One painting in particular reminds me of the day I was married, the love I have for my husband, now mentally and physically disabled and for three years living in a nursing home. The painting Bill did of us embracing on the morning of our wedding is the reminder of God’s love, guidance, forgiveness, the disappoinments and joys of life, the many facets of human love, and the vitality and constancy of connections: to friends (Bill), my husband, to God, and to the intangible mysteries of life.

Mary Natvig, PhD

Professor of Musicology, Bowling Green State University

Bill Thompson is a Van Gogh of his time. He is an innovator, painting in an unconventional way… a way that should not work, yet works beautifully. Bill has an intuitive sensitivity when approaching his art. He is an explorer, who discovers and captures the felt sense and full experience of a moment in time and the relationship he has to the land. Bill captures the essence of the landscapes that he paints and there is an element of symbolism that gives his paintings both a archetypal and universal quality.

Alanna Burke Sindlinger

Art Therapist

I have traveled in the desert with Bill Thompson. Together we’ve watched the sunrise over Chaco Canyon and slept under the stars on Black Mesa. His canvases are full of bright skies, ancient red rust earth, and the wizened grey limbs of ancient junipers. Like the desert, they speak to me of silence, and the spinning days, and the mysterious flux and flow of existence.

-Phil Dickinson, PhD

Educator, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

Bill’s paintings are in a place where I see them on a daily basis as I walk out the door into a world outside of my home. The beauty that resides in his colors inspire and remind me that there are multiple dimensions to every aspect of life, a realm of colors that may not be seen by the naked eye. Bill has an inescapable tendency to bring hidden elements out and be made aware that, no matter where you are, there is always a form a mystery lying within.

Rene Trucou

Counselor for people who have psychiatric disabilities and a history of chronic or persistent homelessness.

The three beautiful paintings of scenes from the Navajo Nation that Bill painted have a prominent place in my little home – the colors of the sand, rocks, and sky brighten my dining room, and remind me of the beauty of the Colorado Plateau. The pieces bring a sense of calm, the rainbows of rocks, and the bright blue sky into my home. I¹m very thankful for Bill for sharing some his work with me,you should have some too!

Christopher J. Frey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator for MA in Cross-Cultural & International Education (MACIE) Program, School of Educational Foundations, Leadership & Policy

I have been fortunate to have lived with a William Thompson original painting since 1994.  It has had a profound impact on me and my home wherever that took me.  Throughout the years the painting has been a refuge and source of inspiration simultaneously.  Looking at it today, is like seeing it for the first time all over again….awe inspiring.

Scott Thompson

Owner-Thompson Bros. International

Knowing that Bill’s art provides a platform to share the thoughts and feelings that lie within him; I am inspired to seek a platform to creatively express my own existence…

Matt Boaz

Director of Equity & Inclusion, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio

I cherish the manner in which Bill’s work celebrates the beauty of the natural world. The colors resonate throughout my home and evoke feelings of joy and celebration. He seeks to inspire a visceral connection with space in a manner than captures his visionary worldview. His art embodies the essence of a man who wishes to share his iconic spiritual journey with those blessed to cross his path.

Timothy Jurkovac PhD

Sociology professor , Bowling Green State University

Words cannot express how honored I was to have been gifted the painting of 4 women Mesa at Chaco Canyon.  On one level the painting is deeply personal and reminds me of a time in my life that was full of wonder, searching and discovery, which is captured in the painting.

Terese Switalski

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I have a painting of Bill’s on my wall in my office, which I love because it inspires, reminds and centers me. I am really grateful for it.

April Yancer

Former owner at Garden To Be, LLC

Bill’s paintings grace the walls of my homes in both Arizona and California.  The works bring a welcome vibrancy and cheerfulness to my living spaces.  Upon visiting with me, first time and repeat guests often remark on Bill’s works of art.  It was a pleasure to collaborate with Bill and be part of the creative process that brought my paintings to life.

Malcolm R. Shrimplin

Master Black Belt, Baxter Healthcare