How can I be sure from a photograph that the artwork I want to buy is as good looking when I see it in person?

In a photograph it is hard to see the texture in a painting or sculpture so you should look at other things that attract you like form, color, busy or quiet scenes. Will the work of art grow on you because once it is in your home it will be part of your everyday environment? If an artwork is too strong it might overwhelm you and bring too much energy to your home. Don’t worry about whether anyone else will like the work of art. Choose a piece of art because it gives you an emotional response that you can live with for years to come.

How can I be sure the piece of art that I want to purchase is worth the price?

You should never think about the price of piece but only whether you want to buy it and whether you can afford it. We do not sell art for investment purposes. We expect that when a person purchases a work of art they will want it in their home for the foreseeable future

Why should I buy art?

Art in your home can inspire you; engage your imagination, feelings, and mind. A painting can express and reflect who and what you are. Some people buy art for investment, others for decoration, others to impress people but we recommend buying art because the piece awakens a strong emotion in you. Some art can move you so much that it that it takes you to a deeper consciousness.

What if I buy something and I don’t like it when it gets here?

Live with it for a week to see if your feelings change. Some artwork needs time and contemplation. If you still don’t like it, package it up in the material it came in and return it. Let us know via phone or email that it is coming back, but do get it back to us within the 7 day period that we allow.

See our Return Policy page for details.

What if I like the style of an artists work on SFAO but nothing grabs me on the website, how can I see more work by the artist?

Either call William at 419 494 8878 or email William@santafeartonline.com requesting pictures of more artwork and it will be emailed to you.

The artists also will do commissions upon request. For instance Bill Thompson just completed a commissioned painting of Bob Dylan for a collector because the one on-line had already been sold.

How can I arrange to see a piece of art in person before I purchase it?

If you live within driving distance of Santa Fe, New Mexico you can call William at 419 494 8878 or email William@santafeartonline.com requesting to see a piece of art and will give you directions to our studio.